issue two contents

Contents of Issue Two

Love At First Sight     Wiebke Leister

Prologue: The Crisis Sonnet & X.     Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

Why My Lines Are Short     Sarah Kelly

Studio Story     John Lawrence

Found Marine Plastic Object Sample 2010     Steve McPherson

Book Is Dead     Luke Mahoney

Waiting For Slavica     Milos & Slavica

(Lisbon)     Livia Dragomir

The Pimple Erotic: Afternoon Delight     Liz Albl

Form and Function: The reenactment of the birth trauma through the text-image in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves     Lindsay Smith

Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went Into the Dryer     Tyler Hilton

(Ekelöf) & (Różewicz)     S. J. Folwer, Lone Erikson, Edith Bergfors

Haiku Prelude     Carolina Khouri

Reading the Stars I was Born Under & Ladder of Luminosity     Adam Farcus

Orthography of the Squiggle: Enumerations     Michael Angelo Tata

Luscious Penumbra     Tom Robinson

Fly Poster Series     John Lawrence

Everglades     Lisa Elmaleh

Wireless     HJ MOOIJ

The Bank Crash As Art     Jón Örn Loðmfjörð

From 3D to 2D     Nataliya Slinko

Losing Your Head: Toward a Notion of Headlessness in Georges Bataille and Gilles Deleuze     Aimee Selby

Myth or The Artist In Front Of His Studio, 1997-2010     Jordan West

Editorials     Jon K. Shaw & Tom Robinson

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