issue three contents

Contents of Issue Three

I Don’t See Why We Have To Have Our Meeting in a Tower     The editors

Seven Complaints     Loni Reynolds

Antonin Artaud’s Unending Death Rattle     Clark Lunberry

Claudia and Paul 2:13 a.m. text version     Henry Gwiazda

Cat Scratch     Liz Albl

The Rest is Silence     Mark Pembrey

Dandan     Kufre Udeme

Pyrrhic Victories     Tristam Vivian Adams

Reading in Florida     Sarah Vogwill

Platinum Poems     Michael Hampton

Epic Pheasant: (Effervescent)     Daniel James Wilkinson

How to Blush     seekers of lice

Surplus Hype     Huw Andrews

Scent of the Jonquil     Jenny Doussan


Brumhold’s Diary     Lone Eriksen & S J Fowler