issue one contents

Contents of issue one

Editorials     Tom Robinson & Jon K. Shaw

Ten Descriptions of Physical Positions     Thea Willcocks

Diagram of an Event     Rehana Zaman

Wish Image in Moominvalley     Dan Smith

reading the reading     seekers of lice

Signals, Owego     Frances Young

Why My Lines Go Down     Sarah Kelly

Aural Economy     Tom Robinson

The Topology of Movement     Daniel Rourke

2     Anja Ronacher

Aids for Writer’s Cramp     gerund

People Form     Michael Hanna

Seven Articles     Nick Santos-Pedro

After Ariel     Zoe Southcott

Can an Actor Bleed?     Christian Töpfner

Leper Hearts & A Note on the Italicised     Chris XO

book 110204 & zxxs drawings     Christine Hatt

Strategics of ontology through the lyrics of Gruff Rhys     Aled Rees

A Gentleman and a Scholar     Ann-Marie James